Osaka to Sapporo, 2007

My dad didn’t want to join in on our Kansai trip, since he felt like he’d already seen everything in 2005, so he decided to meet us in Hokkaido. Yep, Hokkaido for the second year in a row!

Our flight wasn’t until early afternoon, so my mom and I took the airport shuttle from our hotel to the nearby mall. It was enormous and it had everything, including a grocery store. The grocery store alone was like the size of Walmart. All the fruits and veggies were impeccably arranged and looked like rows of rainbows from afar. Since we couldn’t really afford any of the shops, we decided to spend time in the food court–that’s where I first discovered Mister Donut. It’s a fast food franchise that was founded in the US but now has its HQ in Japan; the stores in the US are now known as Dunkin’ Donuts. Who knew?


I genuinely prefer its Asian counterpart. There’s a wider selection of donuts and pastries and they just all taste better, somehow. I also prefer Asian airports to Western ones. Like, there’s a shuttle between the airport and the mall so you have ways to kill your time other than napping uncomfortably at the gate.


By the time we landed in Hokkaido, it was late afternoon and dinner time! Whoo. Our family of 3 shared a giant udon hot pot. Never will I ever get sick of noodles. Those who weren’t vegetarian, on the other hand, enjoyed a large, seafood hot pot meal complete with Hokkaido crabs.


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