Nürnberg: Gemeindefest

Day 5, 2009: Church Potlucks
It was a slow day–I slept until 9am and stuffed myself with bread and Nutella. This was back in the days before Nutella saw widespread popularity in U.S. supermarkets, so I wanted to get my fill of it–or maybe I had just never noticed it before? I asked my Gastmutter where Neuschwanstein, the castle built by Konig Ludwig that was the source of inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle, was. Apparently quite far from Nürnberg! So disappointing. It’s definitely one of the things on my Germany bucket list of things to see.


Strawberry cream pie…?

My Gastfamilie took me to a Gemeindefest: a potluck for the church community. There were 10 different kinds of Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), each a grandmother’s secret recipe. They looked so delicious! Alas, none of them were vegetarian-friendly. I’d stick with my Gastmutter’s potato salad anyway 😉 hers is still the best I’ve had to this day. What’s your favorite Kartoffelsalat Rezept (recipe)?

Inside the church was essentially a dessert buffet of cakes, tarts, and other baked goods. While I desperately wanted to try them all, I didn’t want to be that person who eats everything in sight.


City hall (I think)

When we were back home, I had to force myself to read Grapes of Wrath for my AP Literature class. So glad those days are over now! After about an hour or two, I went out for a small walk around Roßtal.

It was gorgeous and sunny, crystal clear skies stretched endlessly. Definitely got a few stares, but I guess it’s because you don’t see a small Asian girl walking around town every day. I walked all the way out to city hall and found that it overlooked another little town lying in the valley.


Here have a butterfly instead.

I continued to roam around and found some solace in a patch of lavender–or some kind of pretty purple flower.  Then I spotted the strangest animal I’d ever seen. Was it a bee? A hummingbird? A butterfly? A moth?

It was amazingly hard to catch a picture of, and once I was back in the States, the first thing I did was Google “hummingbird bee moth thing”. What I saw was a hummingbird hawk-moth. It’s typically found only in the warmer climates of southern Europe, North Africa, and the East. Who knew such a thing existed?!


cherries from our backyard

After 15 minutes of stalking it, I gave up and turned to corner to find a local band practicing swing and jazz. It was wonderful. Boy did I miss swing dancing–I had even dreamt about it that night. I think I was having too much fun in my dream, though, since I ended up hitting my head against the wall.