Nürnberg: eine deutsche Ausbildung

Day 8, 07.01.2009: a German education


meine Nuß Nougat Tasche

My iPod alarm never went off. Instead, I woke up to the sound of polite but urgent pounding on my door; my Gastvater (host father) said it was 6:21am, merely 9 minutes before we had to catch a train to school. Thankfully, some toast was ready on the table by the time I finished getting dressed. I grabbed a piece, and off we went!

We made it in time for die Geschichte Klasse (history class), where I was supposed to learn about the French Revolution. The only word I understood was “Napoleon”. Then it was Greek (Griechish), which I really enjoyed, and the 3rd class was Math and Physics (Mathematik und Physik). They were learning about parabolas and quadratic functions–nothing keeps a student more awake in the morning than that.

My 4th class was religion class with my group. It’s interesting that you’re “born” into a religion in Germany and are required to take religion classes until you reach a certain grade or age. Even then you need your parents’ consent to withdraw from them. The last two classes was German with my group. We had to analyze and summarize war films. They moved slow as molasses and I fell asleep at one point. Herr Besmens asked me a question about the film afterwards and I stuttered my way into an answer. We got our first homework (die Aufgabe) assignment of the trip! All of us were separated into groups of 4-5 and had to direct our own war scene. Due Friday.

milkreisSince Clara wouldn’t finish school for another few hours, I had to ride the train home by myself. But I managed to get on the right one this time! Felt like a true Nürnberger. No delays either. My host mum made Milkreis, which literally translates into “milk rice”. It’s rice cooked with milk (maybe some half&half too to make it creamier), topped off with brown sugar. Such good comfort food. I’d say it’s a bit like German rice pudding? My host mother hinted we might have to opportunity to go to Neuschwanstein. It’s more commonly known as the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Exciting!

fleischMy host father then took me grocery shopping at Lidl, a supermarket chain in Germany. The one “near” our home was so adorably tiny; nothing like the Costcos, Sam’s Clubs, and Walmarts of America. It was like a magician’s hat though–you could find everything in there! He also took me to the butcher shop, which is fascinating but gruesome as a vegetarian. I’ve never seen so many types and shapes of salami and sausages. Our last stop was my favorite: a local bakery! The smells made my mouth water. I bought a Nuß-Nougat-Tasche, or “nut-nougat-pocket”. Not enough filling, but very flaky. Should’ve gone for some of the Schokolade (chocolate) in the Milka and Lindt section. 😛


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