Nürnberg: Rock Konzert

Day 10, 07.03.2009: Rock Concert at Desi

My group met up with Herr Birkelbach to talk about our week in BERLIN! I was slightly worried that our meals were already planned out, since most people in my group didn’t know I was vegetarian, but H. Birkelbach told me not to worry because he’s vegetarian too! Score. Afterwards, we continued our class on war films in Deutsch. There was a huge debate about whether plot or music was more important to a film. At least a third of the people in my group voted on music. I voted for plot because it sets the environment from which music is developed. Trying to vocalize my argument comprehensibly in German was really difficult. Herr Besmens just stared at me with an incredibly puzzled look for at least 10 seconds before going, “…okay…?” Allow me to dissolve into my desk and chair in embarrassment now. We watched this movie called “Paths of Glory” and I thought it was okay. Pretty boring. The dialogue, situations, and characters’ actions were so ludicrous  sometimes that suspension of disbelief was not possible. But perhaps I missed the point because it was dubbed in German spoken too quickly.


Lunch of the day–creamed broccoli with fettucine–paired with view of incoming storm.

I joined Clara in her Religion class later, and ended up reading Grapes of Wrath for my summer AP English homework instead of listening to the teacher. Clara and I went home, ate lunch, and watched this romance film called “Barfuß” (barefoot) and it was a cute romance flick. The story was basically about this girl who’s been sheltered by her mother all her life and is incapable of handling the outside world. After mother dies, she’s sent to a mental asylum, where she tried to commit suicide but was saved in time by this guy working there. She sees him as her savior and starts following him everywhere and he’s this punk who’s used to looking out for himself, yadayadayada.


Dinner of the day–buttered squash with tomato sauce and rice–paired with lovely view of hail

Around 5pm, it started pouring and a couple minutes later it was hailing like crazy. Hail is forever exciting to a Californian. I opened the windows and tried to catch as many pieces as I could. They were so big! Later that night, Clara took me to a rock concert held at this Biergarten called Desi, where the local bands were holding an anti-Nazi event. AWESOME music. There was a steam punk band with an awesomesauce clarinetist. The music and crowd were pumpin’ so hard that my ears hurt half an hour into the show. I literally stuffed cotton balls into my ears to lessen some of the pounding. Stephanie (this girl I met from group 5) and I would occasionally go out and for some sweet silence. While we waited for our hearing to come back, we played foosball with Clara, this random dude, and Clara’s friend. Stephanie and I lost the first round,  but random dude and I won the other two.


Clara and I had also gone to Desi the day before to meet her friends. Atmosphere was cozy and very hipster, with artsy, handwritten signs lining the steps up to the bar.  I tried regular beer at first, and we really did not click. So, Clara suggested a mix of Coke and beer, but the taste of beer was still way too strong for me. Same with the cocktails I tried from her friends. We spent a couple of hours there, just chilling and gossiping about high school things. On our way home, there were some absolutely wasted Americans in our boxcar. Drunk people are hilarious–I was a prudish high school kid and listening to such dirty talk made me feel more like a young adult than ever. The entire car was stuffy with beer vapor. Clara told me later that there’s an American military base about 20 minutes from Roßtal and that’s probably where they were from. When we got off at our stop, they asked me where I was from and I shouted “LAAAAAA!” and all of them went “WHOOP WHOOP! YEAAAAAH REPRESEEEEENTTTT! AMERICAAAA”. Our ride home after the concert, however, had no drunken Americans and was very quiet.

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