Nürnberg: Art and Falafel

Day 20, 07.13.2009

Today my group and I had to take a “Sports” class. I was expecting a game of soccer or something physically active, but instead we sat in a classroom for 2 hours, learning about German sports classes instead. We learned and sang this German soccer-chant-song, which turned out to be kind of fun. Otherwise, I didn’t feel like it was productive use of our time.

The next class was Art. I wish the art classes at my high school were more like this! They tend to spend the first week or two just teaching you how to shade properly… Here, though, we got our hands dirty right away. Our Lehrerin [“teacher”, female] was awesome! First exercise was staring at Starry Night for about a minute and then drawing it from memory. After about 10-15 minutes of sketching, we got to see the original again, compare it to our own, and discuss details that slipped from our memory and a bit about how our brain remembers things. I found this reflective portion of the class quite interessant [interesting].

Then, we partnered up. We needed to describe a picture, ganz auf deutsch [completely in German], to our partners, who could only base their drawing off the things we told them. It was fun, but I was l unfathomably awful. So terrible that I wondered how I even managed to win this scholarship in the first place. One of the girls in the group was spectacular; she was so descriptive, almost like she could’ve written a scientific paper on the picture. On the plus side,  the art teacher told me that I had a lot of potential in art and encouraged me to continue taking classes. Definitely helped alleviate some of the embarrassment from speaking German.

The fun died when we had Herr Besmens. Film analysis could have been fascinating. Could. It was worse than watching paint dry. We were forced to sit through over an hour of powerpoints. Needless to say, i caught up on some beauty sleep.

During the erste Pause [first break], I went with two of the girls on a walk through the Gymnasium’s neighborhood. We didn’t get far. We passed by a hospital and a cafe, in which we stopped to buy drinks and some snacks. After school, a bunch of us went into the city to look for a present for H. Reynolds and H. Birkelbach. No luck. I did, however, discover a Döner Falafel place for lunch and damn. The pita was piping hot and soft; the falafel ingredients so fresh that when you broke through the crunchy shell, it was like opening the door to the Narnia of herb gardens; then you have homemade tahini sauce and pickled vegetables slathered all over.

All of us split up eventually–my friend and I wanted to walk around a bit more instead of going to the Lochgefängnisse [prison] with the others. Spent a dozen Euros on some gingerbread. In a failed attempt to return to the Hauptbahnhof [main train station], we took the wrong U-Bahn and we were several stops into arriving at a completely different city before we were like, oh crap. Eventually (thankfully) we did get back to the Hauptbahnhof and I saw that my train was leaving in 2 minutes so (regrettably) I had to ditch my friend. Otherwise I’d have to wait another 90 minutes for the next train. I channeled my inner Usain Bolt and bolted down the underpass and up to the platform.

The rest of my day was pretty relaxed. I made some boba for my host family to give them a taste of Asia. Lotte and my host mum liked it, but Clara thought it was the most bizarre thing she had ever eaten. In other words, “ew”. I also finished Grapes of Wrath from my summer reading list. Whew. My Gastfamilie [host family] and I then spent the rest of the evening watching a really cheesy, 50’s German film that apparently was like Germany’s Titanic when it came out. Lots of cute guys in that film–too bad I can’t remember the name of it ;).

3 thoughts on “Nürnberg: Art and Falafel

  1. Julia C. says:

    What is the reasoning for having a history of sports class where you don’t actually… sport?? It’s like History of Magic but 100% less awesome.

    “The fun died when we had Herr Besmens.” The transition from the previous paragraph to this one: what a wild ride.

    “… like opening the door to the Narnia of herb gardens” ❤

    "Lots of cute guys in that film–too bad I can’t remember the name of it ;)." YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!

    • wanderlusterin says:

      Right?! It’s almost like a music class where you read about people who play music, but never listen to any music.

      I know 😥 means we gotta watch all the 1950’s German films to find this one now.

      • Julia C. says:

        That sounds like a simultaneously wonderful and potentially dodgy idea.

        Then again, I know nothing about 1950’s German films, so it’s a RISK I’M WILLING TO TAKE.

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