Pronunciation: /ˈwɒndəlʌst/
noun. a strong desire to travel insatiable, travel-induced rapture for which no amount of travel can cure.
synonym. travelholicism.

9 flights, 2 weeks, no less than 20,000 flight miles. Sleep deprivation, migraines, achiness. Unfathomable exhaustion. I roll into my own bed, settling back into the familiar and unremarkable. I wake the morning after with shivers, an itchy throat, and sniffles. Ah yes–withdrawal. So, where to next?

I have an external hard drive full of pictures I’ve taken over the course of a decade (10 YEARS! crazy), with the stories behind them slowly fading. That is very sad. So I made this blog to restore lost memories of wonderful times. Some entries are written more to be travel guides and others are simply reworked travel diaries of the minutiae in my experience. In all cases, I hope you enjoy reading and can use some of the tips and tricks I’ve gathered, in your travels! 🙂

All photos and writings on this blog are ©[Melody Lin] and [Suitcase & Chopsticks] 2016, unless otherwise indicated. Link backs and credit are very much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Julia C. says:

    I’ve never expressed how much I love that photo (the answer is so, SO MUCH).

    I love your words, I love your photos, I love how the colour scheme and general layout of your blog is so reflective of you and your content (vibrant and open, with surprises around every corner). I love how dang PROLIFIC you are. I love you ♥

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